Though The Webrage's focus is on local and unsigned musicians, occasionally a national act will come onto the scene and we have a chance to feature them here with interviews or show reviews. In March 18 2005, Tramp's White Lion played Peabody's in Cleveland. The Webrage was there and we had the pleasure of interviewing the bassist Mr Claus Langeskov who has also worked with Mike Tramp in his very successful solo career. Though most of Mike Tramp's solo success has been overseas, many of us here in the States never forgot White Lion and their hit's such as "Wait" and "When The Children Cry". So we proudly present you with Claus of Tramp's White Lion!

1. Tell us about your musical Background and how did you get your start?
I started out as a drummer when I was like 5 years old, I was banging on cardboard boxes and things with chopsticks, That’s what started it and I think when I was around 12 I got my first drum kit and started playing with some guys who were like 10 years older than me because I just had a talent for it, I didn't have a teacher or anything. And it just took off from there, you know. We just played older classic covers you know. My teacher was basically my record player. Then like 8 years ago I started playing bass because I got tired of playing drums, I felt my ambitions were growing and needed a change. So I changed to bass because bass and drums relate to each other, you know , Same kind of rhythm or area. Then I found out I was very good at it. Every time I played with a new drummer I knew whether he was going to be on the beat or on a back beat, it was easy to read what kind of drummer he'd be I could tell what his next move would be so it was natural for me. And also I felt that back in those day the guitar player the bass players, they didn't do anything I wanted to get out there and jump around and have fun and that’s why I kind of became what I am.

2. Have you played in any prior bands we may know about?
No, just Tramp, I mean I have played in other bands, Danish acts but you wouldn't have heard of them over here.

3. So you consider this your break then?
Oh no... I'm 37 you know so It's more my ambitions now are just to play with my friends and so I wouldn't consider it a "big break"

4. How long have you been playing with Tramps White Lion?
Since 2001-2002 like 4 years, 3 or 4 years.

5. And the line up that is playing together now, how long have they been together?
5 weeks

6. How long did you guys rehearse before the tour then?
Like 5 times or 6 times, You know Mike picked the band because he played with us in his solo career. Jamie, the guitarist is from Australia and he played some shows with him in Indonesia, he played with Troy the drummer in his solo career in 2001 i think over here. SO he kind of picked the persons he knew well and then we all got together in LA and rehearsed like 5 or 6 times, and then, just went on the road.

7. How is it to work with Mike Tramp?
Oh I love it but you know, it''s like 2 levels the most important thing to me is the friendship. He's like my best friend, very close. But its like we have the same view on things like how to approach the music industry and how to deal with stuff, we have the same kind of devotion to the music, the same passion for it. and well, were just... friends. And then of course he has been thru the mill, he has been a huge rockstar so I learned a lot from playing with him just by going on stage and observing him and it's been exciting but to me, he's just Mike from Copenhagen, I don’t really think of him as a rockstar and I know the person behind it all and he's just a normal person.

8. Have you ever been to the United States before?
Nope, this is the first time.

9. What do you think of it?
I love it, I really love it.

10. Is it very different here? the audiences? the cities?
Yeah I think the audience makes more noise in Europe, but they’re more devoted over here. The Europeans, they have a lot of beers and just have a party, to me it's more true over here the people really listen to the music, they come for the music it's like they want to get something for the money the paid for the show, They really listen. In Europe it's more, yes for the music but really they're just having a party. But in general I think the American and the Europeans are very much alike, I mean there are differences but were all human.

11. Do you have a favourite country or city or place to play?
Well I like it over here because people seem to have no prejudices, Europeans can be a little bit square about things like you know..." Don't think you really are so big.. get your feet back on the ground". Americans appreciate what you do. Greenland was a beautiful place to play. Big beautiful island.

12. Whats the wildest, craziest or funniest thing that happened so far on the road here in the US?
Oh, it's crazy every night were in a bus with 11 men, but everybody is easy going.... nobody is going out to titty bars evey night or anything, I mean we've been to some, but thats Chip from Enuff Z'nuff he's like the coordinator when comes to that kind of thing like the party you know. But scandals? no nothing, were pretty calm. I mean nothing more wild than spilling a beer on the bar or... you know That would be about it, no girls on the bus, we're just kind of mellow.

13. Are you Planning a European tour?
No plans for it right now

14. What are your favourite songs to play live?
I like them all but I do like Lady of the Valley it's very fun to play live.

15. What artists do you personally listen to?
Oh im kind of a retro type person, I've always been even in school whatever the kids were listening to right now I was always like 20 years behind. But I listen to anything well played from Mozart to my favourite kind of stuff that is British rock like The Beatles and classic rock like Pink Floyd. I also like melodic things and the power of alot of the 80's rock like Ac/Dc and the like.

16. We've heard about a DVD your planning?
Yes but some guy spilled a beer on our DVD laptop so everything is gone so I'm not really sure

17. What artist would be your ultimate dream to work with?

Pink Floyd

18. Since our site deals mostly with newer unsigned musicians, we want to know what advice you would give them to help them achieve their goals?
The most important thing is to believe in your self. Stay focused try to look at it as a regular job, if your rehearsing at 7, you have to be there at 7, just have your shit together. Just focus and follow your heart Don't be afraid, believe in yourself believe in your friends and just do it!......
and stay out of drugs!