Interviewed by Snuggles for THE OFFICIAL MIKE TRAMP MESSAGEBOARD 2005

1: How did you meet Mike?

I met Mike as I was joining the Tramp Camp for the ZZ Top tour in Europe a few years ago. Being a fellow Dane, I have always followed him during the years. I was really happy getting to know him personally. Today he’s my best friend and brother in life.

2: How long have you been playing bass for?

 I have played bass professionally for 8 years – I guess. Used to be a drummer for some 15 years, but I got tired of drumming.

3: What are some of you musical influences?

There are a lot. Gasolin’ (Danish), The Sweet, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Mozart and everything well played in between.

4: How did you get chosen to be part of the TWL tour?

You’d better ask Mike..!

5: Having never been to the USA before, what do you think of our country?

I’m madly in love with the US. Such beautiful country, people, nature etc. You’re very open-minded and I felt welcome from day one. If I was 25 I would move there immediately. No doubt about that..!

6: What were your thoughts when Mike asked you to join the TWL tour?

I was happy because it was an opportunity for Mike to close the “White Lion book” and move on. And being a Dane, it’s a dream come true touring the US.

7: Having never met Jamie, Troy and Henning before, did you think with the short amount of rehearsal time this band would be tight?

I mainly trusted Mike’s abilities to judge that. But before we started playing together I was very excited to find out about Jamie. He played a big part in the band and copying Vito is serious business. But Jamie nailed it from day one. Actually we all came prepared and kicked ass during rehearsals.

8: Any thoughts on Jamie, Troy and Henning?

That’s at the same time the worst and the most beautiful thing about being a musician. You suddenly meet a whole bunch of new people. You get to know them better than their wives/girlfriends, and then after a short period of time you say goodbye, not knowing if you will ever see them again. Music is like making love – it takes two. In Tramps White Lion it takes five and it’s necessary that every person is committed to the task 100%. Especially when the band is picked from each corner of the planet. At the same time they have to lock in as persons, and we sure did.

Jamie is a wonderful person and Danes and Aussies have quite a lot in common. He is the only guy that could do the Vito Bratta-thing. In fact I think he is better than Vito (sorry). Besides that he’s a great and loving guy and we had a lot of mind-opening talks during the 7 weeks. In fact Jamie talked non-stop from “hi” to “goodbye”.

Henning is a fellow European and a very typical German guy. Without Henning’s vocal parts it would have sounded like shit. I really admire Henning for his devotion to the 80’s heavy metal. Henning is at the same time very generous and a very sensitive guy. He did a good job on the keys as well and lifted the project in general.

Troy became my brother from day one. We just connected and I’m sure we must have been brothers in a previous life. Troy was the guy keeping it all together (the soldier). He worked his ass off just to make the tour happen. He’s got that fine quality to keep control but at the same time be a mess. I love him from the very bottom of my heart and he will always be in my thoughts. Love you bro..!

9: What's it like touring with ENZ?

It was wonderful. A big thanks to Chip, Monaco, Eric and Ruben. These guys rock.

10: Are American fans any different then Euro fans?

Yes the girls are way more beautiful..!
Europeans make more noise basically because they are drunk out of their mind. Americans are more interested in what’s actually going on on stage.

11: Any embarrassing moments on stage?

No, not really..!

12: How did you feel after your 1st TWL show? Did you think the fans were accepting of you, Jamie, Troy and Henning?

Well, none of us got shot and people kept saying that WL was never better than now.

13: Any road stories you can share with us?

I could go on forever, but I’ll save them for my biography. LOL

14: Can I still kidnap you and put you on my shelf? I promise to feed you?

Of course you can..!

15: Anything you want to tell the fans?

Thanks for showing us that there was a reason to go on tour with TWL and thanks for hooking me up like a champ. I love you all and I can’t wait to see you again. You’re finer than fuck..!