NAME: Claus Langeskov
BIRTH: July 27th 1968
PLACE OF BIRTH: Copenhagen, Denmark

“I actually started my carrier as a drummer” states Mike Tramp’s dynamic bassplayer Claus Langeskov. He notes that “By the age of three, I had begun accompanying THE SWEET and other vinyl favorites on cardboard boxes with my mothers knitting pins. But then again I also spend the first ten years of my life wanting to be a professional soccerplayer”, he adds with a laugh.

Describing his initial forays into live music Claus remembers, “I got my first rehearsal drumpad at the age of ten and soon after that, my first drum set (metallic blue TAMA Swingstar)
“Not long after, I gathered together a symphonic rockband during my teenage years, inspired by bands such as Yes, Saga, Toto and Pink Floyd.”
Reminiscing he foundly looked back on that projects youthful musical transgressions, “We didn’t care whether the songs were good or not, as long as we were given the opportunity to show of with our instruments during the 8 minute songs.”

Actually that tendency towards musical proficiency would pay off over the next decade. Claus worked on numerous studio projects meanwhile switching instruments to bass. “Little by little I lost interest in the drums and fell in love with the bass – it seemed to me that very few bassplayers who “related” properly to the drummer. At the same time it presented a great opportunity to move forward on stage – and show off..!”

Having now mastered two instruments, Claus soon became “the guy that people called”, when they needed a replacement bassplayer. Mainly because of his ability to quickly learn new songs and play by intuition.

“Through the 90’s I fell in love with the progressive rockmusic – especially Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple a.s.o. – and played distortionbass for a couple of years with several artists. The last 8-10 years though, I have mainly been playing pop – because that’s where I was needed – eventhough I consider myself a Rock musician with a capital “R”.

Formed in 1997 a Tina Turner Tribute band (Turn on Tina) that tours all over Europe.

Hooked up with Mike Tramp in the spring 2003 and went right away on a support-tour, opening for ZZ Top in Germany.

These days, in addition to his duties with Mike Tramp of course and the odd session duties, Claus also composes film music for children’s program’s produced by the Danish State Television, drawing inspiration from a source close to home. “In 2000 I had a son, Albert, who inspires me to write music for children. It’s kind of funny I guess. Because for the first time in my life I truly feel I have something worth writing about..!!!”

Bottom line here: Claus provides the pulse of the “Tramp Camp”, adding deft melodic touches and virtuoso flourishes with a grace and mastery that comes from years of first hand experience in the music world’s trench’s.
“With my entry into “Tramp Camp”, my musical circle is completed. I am back at the point where my heart really always was – ROCK’N’ROLL..!”
- Alan Stevens

The Sweet, The Beatles, Gasolin’

My son, Pink Floyd and everything well-played from Mozart to Led Zeppelin.

Just being alive..!

1979 – Discovering The Beatles
1980 – Discovering how to play music
1980 – John Lennon’s death
1989 – Pink Floyd in Hamburg Stadtpark
2000 – My son Albert
2001 – Meeting Bill Wyman & Gary Brooker
2003 – Touring with “that little ol’ band from texas” – ZZ Top
2005 - Touring and discovering the US with Tramps White Lion