Interviewed by Arie van der Graaf for THE MIKE TRAMP FANSITE 2004


1: Who is Claus character wise?

Maybe you would get a more straight answer if you’d ask anybody else about that. But my zodiac is “LEO” and people say that I match that pretty well – even though I have a very sensitive side as well. “…rhoarh….!”

2: I’ve heard you were first a drummer before you started playing bass. At what age did you start drumming and what got you started?

I started at the age of three hammering on everything with my Mom’s chop sticks or knitting pins while I was listening to The Sweet’s Wig Wag Bam. Later on I started playing bass, guitar and keys. I have never taken any music lesson – my “teacher” and motivation was listening to records. The love and passion for music was just my call. I really still consider myself a drummer playing bass. Drums are still my main instrument.

3: You have been playing on tour in Europe and in the USA with mike. Is there a place in the world where you have never been and which is on the top of your list for wanting to play there?

Well I can’t really ask for more. Being an average Danish guy from Copenhagen I am one of the very few signing a bunch of tits on all the hootchie mama's outside the Danish borders.

4: The last European tour with tramp was a struggle, and mike told that the only reason the tour rolled on was because of you. Here is the chance to tell us why he thought that way?

I was just there - as a friend should always be.

5: The USA tour seemed to be different from that, (minus some local issues with clubs and promoters off course). Can you tell us a short personal story from this tour? (which is different from the troy diary)

You’ll soon be able to read it all in my tour diary.

6: Which gig will you remember as the best gig on tour?

Depends on what you’re talking about…

Best venue: Galaxy Theatre & Rivoli Theatre

Best performance: Jaxx & Rivoli Theatre

Best crowd: most of them

Best experience: Miami, New York and Hayloft Liquor Stand was very special to me.

7: What was the funniest thing that happened between you guys when you were on tour?

When everybody was laughing at the same time.

8: What was the thing on this tour which you will probably never forget in your whole life?

Discovering the States for the first time and see The Dakota Building, NY where John Lennon was shot in 1980.

9: Can you tell us something about your future plans with mike?

Trying to stay his best friend.

10: What kind of bass guitars/strings do you prefer to use?

I mainly use a black Fender P-bass w/ Quarter Pound Pick-ups and Earnie Ball strings 45-100.

11: What other projects are you going to do in the coming months?

Turn on Tina for making some money and being a father.

12: Who is your role model in life (except family)?

The whole world

13: And why?

Because I am a very observing person and people inspire me. I have a lot of role models depending on the subject we’re talking about: music, intellectually, politics, sports, etc.

14: Can you explain what a typical Claus day is like on tour?

You’ll soon be able to read my tour diary where it shows. Sleep, waiting, waiting, sound check, waiting, show, fun, bed.

15: Same, but off tour?

Up and prepare breakfast, take my kid to Kindergarten, 5 hrs to myself, pick up my kid, being a father, prepare dinner, put my kid to bed, some hrs to myself…

16: And how about your fellow TWL bandmembers, tell us what you think their typical on tour day is like.

Well I suppose it’s just like mine. It was the last time I looked.

17: Can you describe mike's character in exactly 20 words? (And I mean exactly)

Devoted – loving – faithful – loyal – brother – friend – hard working – focused – professional – talented - tough – sensitive – rock’n’roll – good looking – healthy – fighter – true – smart – mentor – sarcastic

18: The girls on tour really seem to like you, what is your secret (not that i need the secret of course)?

… That I don’t give a fuck

19: What would you like to have become (job wise) when you were not in the music business?

Professional soccer player.

20: On tour there where some videos shot during gigs, for a possible DVD release, do you know if this is actually going to happen?

Well, we’re working on it but somebody spilled a beer on the laptop with all the footage.

22: Is mike still enjoying his life as a rock star, what do you think?

I don’t think Mike consider himself a rock star anymore. He is a musician with a bleeding heart that wants to share his art form with all of us. But of course he enjoys playing packed houses and feeling the rock’n’roll energy on stage – we all do.

23: Choose one of the two below, what do you prefer:

home - on the road

Both – I am in that lucky position that I have the best of both worlds.

sex: before - after the show


Health food – junk food

A little bit of everything

Europe – USA

Both (…is anybody going to kill me now..?)

Tramp solo – TWL

Tramp solo

Married – single

None of them

Fans – groupies

People with a passion for music

TV –radio

None of them

Nature – city

Love both

 24: Is there any question which you think is missing here? Here is the chance to give it to me: (You can answer it yourself, or let me do it for you)

Why do the Americans use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius and foot instead of centimetres..?

25: Which question would you like to comment on a bit more?

24: Because I can’t figure out why the Americans don’t use 0 as the freezing point instead of 32 – makes no sense…!!!!!